Other General Updates

-Vehicle Safety Reminder, lock your vehicles if they are not garaged!  There is a significant increase throughout the Glen Carbon and surrounding areas of vehicle break-ins, vehicle theft, etc...

-Considerate and Courtesy Driving, please be mindful when driving throughout the subdivision there are not any sidewalks and persons (young and older) heavily use the streets for walking, playing, running, etc... be mindful and take caution at all times.  The Speed Limit throughout the neighborhood is 25 miles per hour.

-General Safety, though criminal activity has never been an issue,  Autumn Glen subdivision is NOT immune to criminal activity.  Please stay alert and report any suspicious activity to local authorities!

-Covenant Reminder, Trash / Recycle Canisters - all canisters must be promptly removed from the street after pickup.  In addition all canisters must be stored in the garage (reference Covenants, Section 8, "Garbage and Refuse Disposal".

Neighborly News

Special Reminders / Call Outs

  • Please pay HOA DUES ... were due June 1st


  • Please ensure Yards are kept up!

  • Please  ensure Trash / Recycle Canister are stored properly !

Autumn Glen Subdivision

Glen Carbon, Illinois 62034

Last Update: June 5,  2023

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Introducing AGHA new Board Secretary
#31 , Terri Frierdich 

Terri joined the board June 1, 2023.  

​Thanks Terri!

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